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Mobiblu manual

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MP3 Player MobiBlu DAH-1200T User Manual 128mb/256mb/512mb multi format digital audio player, mp3 & wma playback, fm radio, voice recorder, music encoder (29 pages) MP3 Player MobiBlu CUBE 3 Operation Manual. Fully recharge the battery before initial use or after a lengthy period of inactivity. Had MobiBlu made the DAH-1500i any smaller, it would have been an ergonomic. I should say right off that I am not a music person. Moveman SSP-100 Manual.

0 Simplicity, Ease of use USB Mass Storage Device (Drag and drop) Good sound quality displays Asian characters SRS WOW EQ settings Good manual. You may also edit lyrics as per your need. Find best value and selection for your MOBIBLU CUBE 2 USB Charger Cable SYNC DAH 1500i search on eBay.

· Our review unit came with an unusually thick and really detailed instruction manual. (It is bigger than both the second and third generation iPod shuffle, but the shuffle lacks a display, FM radio reception, and a microphone for sound recording. But the headphone output is quite clean and strong, and the FM tuner works fine; if that&39;s all you want in the headphone-player department, it&39;ll pass. I&39;m a sucker for devicesthat connect things together in novel ways, so MP3 cassettes appeal to me on general principles.

The super-minimal interface and lack of a display hurt it, of course. MobiBlu DAH-1500S Manual DAH-1900 Manual DAH-900 Manual. View online Operation & user’s manual for MobiBlu CUBE-2 MP3 Player or simply click Download button to examine the MobiBlu CUBE-2 guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer.

But, alas although they release a cool looking product their quality control and customer support are still stuck in cheapo mode. Database contains 2 MobiBlu DAH-1000 Manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF, Operation & user s mobiblu manual manual, Product information. The manual is pretty good about showing you how to use the Cube and what all the buttons do in different scenarios. where to download manual for mobiblue us2 mp3 play. Don&39;t be limited to charging your mobiBLU DAH-1500i Cube when you have access to a USB-enabled computer; this AC Adapter provides power anytime you need it. Best gifts under .

Most cassette-shaped MP3 players have cassette-adapter type spindles; they&39;re connected to nothing but each other via a gear or two, and their only purpose is to stop cleverer tape decks mobiblu manual from freaking out at what appears to be a broken tape. This 1 GB player in black is compatible with both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, and it has an integrated FM radio (with record function), voice recorder, and clock. Both players have an exceedingly minimal interface - four buttons (including two two-way rocke. Don t use a damaged built-in battery or AC adaptor.

94 inches (24mm) square, the mobiBLU Cube DAH-1500i is the world&39;s smallest MP3 player (as of January, ). MOBIBLU MODEL DAH-1000 DRIVER - The Knight Level 3 Expert Answers. They&39;re actually practical products, though, for people who want to be able to play their digital tunes in a cassette player. As a headphone MP3 player, the DAH-220 isn&39;t a very compelling product. 56 ounces), with battery, according to my trusty Ohaus). Holiday Gift Guide. Although the DAH-1500i is easy to use and we didn’t need to read the manual, it&39;s a very good sign for inexperienced users who needs detailed mobiblu manual documentation on their newly purchased product.

Motorola m25 Manual M250 Manual. MobiBLU’s DAH-1500i Cube is a great take on the flash MP3 player. That&39;s more than three and a half hours of 160 kilobit per second MP3s.

. Cube digital audio player (30 pages). I ended up finding slightly different directions at their other site. Driver brother 2920 fax for Windows 8.

The DAH-220 officially has 256Mb; its actual formatted capacity is 247Mb. Mobiblu DAH-1500i Pdf User Manuals. Heck, it doesn&39;t even have random play, as far as I can see; the manual mentions it once in the opening feature list, then doesn&39;t give you any clue about how you&39;re supposed to turn it on. Auto/ Manual Lyric Streaming You can simply write the lyrics for your favorite songs and they will appear on the display. 63 ounces, making it the lightest MP3 player listed on this site. I highly recommend giving the manual a thorough reading or two in order to get the most out of the DAH-1500i. Mobiblu dah-1000: user manual (38 pages) MP3 Player MobiBlu DAH-1500S User Manual.

It&39;s compatible with both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, and it has an integrated FM radio (with record function), voice recorder, and clock. It&39;s usually a car cassette player which they can&39;t upgrade - perhaps because it&39;s a work vehicle, perhaps because they just stole the car and are planning to set it on fire at dawn. World&39;s leading marketplace. MobiBlu DAH-1800 Manual • Manual. OK - so what&39;s the same, and what&39;s different?

Even after a couple readings, you will find yourself scratching your head at times. When the battery no longer holds its charge despite being fully. Exceeding the recommended recharging time may cause a fire. The MobiBlu DAH-1400 sounds great and crams lots of features into its tiny yet elegant frame, but you&39;ll have to spend some time with the manual to figure out how to use them all. The DAH-1500i also weighs just 0. The mobiBLU DAH-1500i ships with necklace ear buds, a plastic protective case, a USB 2. But that&39;s untidy, and you&39;ll probably need to rig up some kind of cradle for the player if you want to be able to (a) control it while (b) preventing it from going ballistic should Advanced Driving transpire.

Anyway, though they were a little cryptic, the directions here worked and I am up at. Look & Feel The DAH-1500i Cube is obviously a product that is the result of a great deal of time and planning. Modal MD-HPBT01 Manual • Manual. How small is it you ask? A separate manual is also included on how to use Lyrics Manager.

6 ounce and measures 1 cubic inch (1 by 1 by 1 inch)--about the size of. Need a operator manual for Hyun Won MobiBLU Cube D. Well, it&39;s a cube that&39;s less than an inch on each side, 0. 94 inches to be precise. Download Operation & user’s manual of MobiBlu DAH-610 256MB MP3 Player for Free or View it Online on All-Guides. The old Digisette, though, only has 96Mb of built-in memory. You can achieve the same goal, of course, with a normal MP3 player and cheap cabled cassette adapter. The Mobiblu player&39;s spindles, though, are connected to a mouse-style encoder that can tell which way the.

The MobiBLU Cube comes with the mp3 player, a pair of necklace headphones that double as antennae for the FM receiver, an ac adapter, USB cable, instruction manual, software and a rubbery protective thingy. · mobiBLU DHH-100-5 Digital Audio Player Review By Julie Strietelmeier / Ap Decem / Uncategorized / A/V, Audio gear, Audio, Video, TV, MP3 / 11 Comments Product Requirements:. Both the Digisette and the Mobiblu versions of this player have an aluminium casing, which makes them tough and pleasingly weighty - the DAH-220&39;s 72. Carefully read the manual for instructions on proper use of the AC adaptor. It&39;s nice to see MobiBLU&39;s continuation to include very detailed manuals, which goes from which-button-does-what to navigation through menus, as we have seen with their DAH-1500i.

It&39;ll take less than ten minutes to fill the whole 247Mb, though, so the slow transfer rate isn&39;t terribly painful. It was interesting to note most of the accessory pieces were bigger than the MobiBLU Cube :-) You knew we would not be able to resist comparing the MobiBLU to the first generation iPod. 94 inches (24mm) square, the mobiBLU Cube DAH-1500i is the world&39;s smallest MP3 player with a 2 GB capacity (as of February ). Being able to record through the tape heads is, I think, more of a gimmick than a feature the world&39;s been clamouring for, and FM record&39;s n. View and Download MobiBlu CUBE 3 operation manual online.

Both players have a teeny USB port hiding on their bottom edge; if they were real cassettes, you&39;d have to stab the USB lead through the tape to plug it in. Hyun Won MP3 Player None. This device supports an easy lyric writing function with the aid of the Auto Lyric system. MobiBLU DAH-1500i Cube MP3 Player. But I probably already did the damage by using the directions from the shiny glossy USA mobiblu site. 0 charging/syncing cable, a paper User Manual and mini CD-ROM with software. · mobiBLU has been around for a while and I hoped that with the 1500i they were going to finally break out of the cheap asia mp3 player mold.

View online or download Mobiblu DAH-1500i User Manual. The Mobiblu player&39;s tape spindles, you see, aren&39;t just decorative. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for mobiBLU Cube DAH-1500i 1 GB Digital Audio Player Silver at Amazon. mobiBLU Cube Accessories Center @ MP3 Player Edition. MP3 Player MobiBlu DAH-1200T User Manual 128mb/256mb/512mb multi format digital audio player, mp3 & wma playback, fm radio, voice recorder, music encoder (29 pages) MP3 Player MobiBlu DHH-100-5 User Manual.

. · mobiBLU decided to stuff their latest MP3 player, the B153, to the gills with. Mobile One HSP-2 Manual. · Though the Ipod Shuffle is a bit currently available for a bit cheaper, the extra features on the Mobiblu make up for the price. Here&39;s the whole Mobiblu kit. Mpio DMG Manual FD100 Manual FL 350 Manual •. The MobiBLU package consisted of the Cube, headphones, protective case, USB cable, user manual, and a software installation CD. I like music, of course, but I don&39;t obsess about it.

Pros: Looks Size OLED Display Has Radio, Voice Recorder, Clock/Date USB 2. Things get more interesting when you start using the tape heads. MobiBlu DAHMB) overview and full product specs on CNET. MobiBlu DAH-610 256MB User Manual. MobiBlu Boxon (2GB, black) overview and full product specs on CNET.

· Unfortunately mobiblu isn’t very good in the directions and documentation department. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from mobiblu manual our users. · MobiBlu Cube2 The original MobiBlu Cube (DAH-1500i) was as technically impressive as it was just plain adorable, packing music, recording, and radio features into an itsy-bitsy block-shaped player. MP3 Player MobiBlu DAH-1200T User Manual 128mb/256mb/512mb multi format digital audio player, mp3 & wma playback, fm radio, voice recorder, music encoder (29 pages) MP3 Player MobiBlu DHH-100-5 User Manual. The USB transfer rate for the Mobiblu player is below half a megabyte per second; its updates do not include a USB 2 interface. CUBE 3 MP3 Player pdf manual download.

See full list on dansdata. The mobiBLU DAH-1500i currently holds the title of world&39;s smallest full-featured MP3 player. The DAH-220&39;s record capabilities may or may not be of any interest to you, but it certainly covers all the bases.

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